Saltøje// Salt Eye for flute ensemble. Commissioned by Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival. Supported by the Danish Art Foundation. Premiered by Coro di Flauti and Marie Sønderskov (Lincoln, NE, USA) 2019

Whispering Clouds for flute and voice. Visuals by artists Eric Tillinghast and Sonja Heinrichsen. ( Olafsfjordur, Iceland ) 2017

Snow Flakes'  for piccolo and loop-station. RAMA Festival (Aarhus, Denmark) 2016

Sami Voice for flute, voice and live electronics. In collaboration with Alex Mørch. Joik after Sofia Jannok. Musikhuset Aarhus, Lille Sal  ( Aarhus, Denmark) 2014


Conversations into a Liquid State. Performance with Anja Nedremo and Anna Jalving in installation by artist Elsa Mancagli at Glogauair Gallery ( Berlin, Germany) 2017

Carmina Machina. Collaboration with Alex Mørch, Musikhuset Aarhus, Lille Sal (Aarhus, Denmark) 2016

Journals. Primdahl Production

Journals. Performance choreographed by Troels Primdahl at Bora Bora Dance Theater ( Aarhus, Denmark) 2014

The Magnetic Flute. Electronics and effects by Alex Mørch, RAMA Festival

( Aarhus, Denmark) 2014